A woman wearing a swimsuit that is looking into the sky. The Sky is where the header "Women's Swimsuits" is located.A woman wearing a swimsuit that is looking into the sky. The Sky is where the header "Women's Swimsuits" is located.

Women's Swimsuits

Our product variants will leave you breathless.

Sultry Surgical

If a store says masks are optional, then we're pretty sure you can just walk in naked.

Women wearing PPE Bikini (the Seafoam-Green Surgical Swimsuit). The girl wearing the bikini is on a swim and it looks as though she is swinging out fo a polaroid.
Women wearing a sky-blue surgical swimsuit. She is walking out of a polaroid and wearing a blue ppe mask to match her blue ppe bikii.
Strapless Sultry Surgical swimsuit.Women is wearing a PPE Bikini and sitting on a hammock that is also a face mask.
Women wearing Naughty 95 PPE Bikini coming out of pool with out-of-bounds image technique. She is also walking out of a polaroid and wearing a face mask.

Naughty 95

The only thing that will spread faster than Covid is your phone number.

Women wearing N-Ninety Fire Bikini sitting on pool ledge.
Post it note that also serves as a button to PPE Bikinis and Boardshorts founder's Instagram account. It is stating that you will be able to see more jokes.
Women holding a product called "The Government Coverup." The coverup states that 40% of all Covid-19 deaths were preventable.

Curvy Cloths

We apologize: it will be impossible for people to social distance when they see you wearing our swimwear.

Women in bikini sitting on pool deck. She is modeling the Her Immunititties product line.
Women wearing our Plantdemic green bikini. Text states that a percentage of the proceeds from this particular bikini type will go towards planting trees.
Young woman in America-themed bikini but instead of stars, there are white covid shapes. She is also wearing a PPE mask to go along with the PPE Bikini and Boardshorts theme. Polaroid also shows the title of the suit called the American-Dreamy Quaranfreemie.


Unlike Covid, people will be hoping you spread on surfaces.

Red post it note that states "In order to speed up production, we are open to partnering with an established manufacturer and retailer." Note also serves as a button to our contact page.
Women modeling the itsy-bitsy teenie weenie, yellow covid dot ppe bikini.
Women in a one PPiEce bikini. The style is called Vacci Nation and is America-themed with needles instead of stars.

One PPiEce

Our suits help fatten your curves, so stay home if you are sick and show off if you are thick.

Attractive women modeling the hazardous material suit. The polaroid also has the title and states that a hazardous material suit is also available.
Yellow post it note that states "We plan to sell our suits for around $40. Pricing is heavily dependent on our ability to raise funds. Click this note to help us crowdsource!!!"

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Woman wearing our Shot Girl Summer bikini who is putting on suntan lotion.