Image Rights and DMCA Compliance

DMCA Compliance

Satarity, LLC uses an extensive network of free and paid asset libraries for website content. Each paid library requires either a monthly or annual fee. We run audits to ensure our membership licenses are intact to avoid any/all copyright claims.

A few of our active licenses are as follows:


Crediting Original Work

Satarity, LLC understands the importance or getting permission and giving credit to content creators. We pay a premium to avoid having to credit the aforementioned creators. In essence, the asset libraries act as a third party where we pay them, and they pay the original creator of work.

One of the benefits of using paid asset libraries is that we are not required to give attribution for the assets (images, videos, etc.) on our sites and products.

Image Manipulation

The majority of the pictures on our site(s) are heavily modified to suit our particular need/messaging.

Shirts and Other Merchandise

All shirt designs were made by our founder Jake Arredondo. These are currently the only products available for sale and are covered under our own copyright (see our Terms and Conditions page for more details).

Swimwear (Bikinis and Boardshorts)

In the case of swimsuit designs, we took stock photos and added our own swimsuit designs. This process took our founder hundreds of hours.

All swimwear products are in the conceptual phase. If we enter production, an experienced swimwear designer will be hired to improve on our designs and make the concepts a reality.

File A Complaint

Please ensure that you have read the three paragraphs above. We heavily vet all images and ensure that we have paid for their use (if the image owner requires it).

In the event that we have an image that is improperly used, please go to our Contact Us page and provide as much detail as possible.

We take copyright infringement seriously and will investigate all claims.